Our Mission

Philosophy & Methodology

The mission of the Annunciation Greek School is two-fold:

1) to offer its students high-quality education and instruction to the Greek language, history, and culture; and

2) to reinforce in its students bi-cultural and bilingual awareness

This Mission is accomplished by means of instruction that relies on the latest and most successful (student-based) strategies and methodologies of bilingual education and of teaching Modern Greek as a second language. Of note, particular attention is paid to the students’ cognitive skills and development so as to ensure maximum stimulation and effective language acquisition. All aspects of Modern Greek are introduced to students—including phonology, vocabulary, grammar and syntax—while equal emphasis is placed on oral and written communication. In addition to textbooks and workbooks, supplementary material (flashcards, games, CDs, DVDs, and interactive computer-assisted software) will also be used as educational tools.