Kyria Toula is very nice and helpful. She helped me learn how to write the Greek letters and spell out Greek words. She also helped us do fun projects. Kyria Toula is very pretty and I can’t wait until I am in her class again.

George Tsakopoulos - 7 Year Old Student

I am a parent of a beginning Greek School student.  My family was most impressed by the fact that every week our son is eager to attend Greek class each week and by how welcomed our non-Greek family has been by the Greek School and the larger Annunciation Community.    This is a wonderful program.

Megan Beckett - Parent

Both my children have enjoyed coming weekly and even look forward to it, even though its not the most convenient thing for an eight and six year old to have to go to school in the evenings after having been in school all day.

Your staff not only educated them, but made it fun and even more importantly gave them a confidence and pride to be Greek. This is the most important and the most precious gift besides language you can instill in their psyche. Thank you.

Bettina de Young (Zachariou) - Parent

My son loves going to Greek School every week. We feel very fortunate to have a Greek School program in our community and look forward to establishing many more wonderful memories.

Angie Georgoulias - Parent

Whether it is a teacher at a daycare institution or a Greek-School instructor, as a parent, you have to be able to trust these individuals that you have chosen to interact with your children.  After finishing our second year of instruction at The Annunciation with Kyria Vaso, the best compliment that I can give her, or any of the instructors, is that my daughter created such a bond with this teacher, that she requested we take Kyria Vaso with us to Hawaii on our summer vacation.  That level of trust can only be earned.  Please keep up the great work and thank you.

Miltos Apostolidis - Parent

This year Christopher(Foraki) was placed in a Greek speaking class with Kyria Christina. He was quite nervous to be going into a class that only Greek would be spoken. I will never forget his sense of joy and accomplishment as we left Greek School that first night. He once again believed that he could do this. We have completed three weeks of Greek School so far and I am through the moon happy to say that for the first time ever Foraki has spoken to me using Greek sentences.

Aristea Walker - Parent

I write in support of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church Greek School program. As a third year adult student, I appreciate the continued focus on this population. Our class has a broad cross section of students from Presbytera Marsha to students such as myself who are married to a Greek speaking spouse. As a practicing parishioner in good standing with the church, I depend on our weekly lessons to develop a better understanding of the liturgy and church customs.

Cindy Kazanis - Student In Adult Classes